Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Though Artificial Intelligence is one of the fastest-growing areas for high-tech professionals, there are too few qualified engineers,
according to a recent Kiplinger Report.

Artificial intelligence will impact wide segments of daily life by 2025, with huge implications for a range of
industries such as health care, transport and logistics, customer service, and home maintenance. (Pew Internet)

Roles across Industries

Human-like capabilities like understanding natural language, speech, vision, and making inferences from knowledge will extend software beyond the app. The need for AI specialists exists in just about every field as companies seek to give computers the ability to think, learn, and adapt.

  • Machine Learning Software Engineer
  • Deep Learning Specialist
  • Computer Vision Engineer
  • Data scientist
  • Automation Engineer
  • Artificial Intelligence Architect

Companies Hiring for these roles:

Modules Covered

  • Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence ML concepts, Text processing, Natural Language processing, Language understanding, Computer vision and intelligence, Introduction to Bots, Building intelligent Bots.
  • Module 2: Principles of Machine learning Classification, Regression, Improving machine learning models, Tree and Ensemble methods, Optimization-based methods, Clustering and Recommenders, Capstone project
  • Module 3: Applied Machine learning Time series and forecasting, Application of ML in Spatial Data analysis, Text analysis & Image Analysis
  • Module 4: Capstone project Apply everything you have learnt on a live project

Program Highlights

60 Hours – Classroom Training

IIT Alumni as Faculty

Practical sessions on ML tools

Relevant Industry Experience

Hands-on Training | Capstone Project

Quality Content

Placement Assistance

Certificate of Excellence

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What You’ll learn:

  • Solid understanding of the guiding principles of AI
  • Apply concepts of machine learning to real life problems and applications
  • Design and harness the power of Neural Networks
  • Broad applications of AI in fields of robotics, vision and physical simulation